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Ing. Mirko TEDALDI

1 Dicembre 2000 - aula E1B (ore 9-11)

L'Ing. Mirko TEDALDI della Cryptonet tiene un seminario dal titolo:

"Public Key Infrastructure and Virtual Private Network: concepts, solutions and projects"



The widespread use of public networks, such as the Internet, for the exchange of sensitive data, like legally valid documents and business transactions, has been causing a growing interest for information security technologies in order to protect and secure any kind of electronic data. The most famous approach is based upon digital signatures and public-key certificates to guarantee data integrity, authentication and non-repudiation. The required infrastructure to give these security services is called PKI (Public Key Infrastracture). In addition to this issue, another security requirements is rising: securing the network layer due to the intrinsic IP vulnerabilities (spoofing, sniffing, session highjacking, etc…). For this reason, many companies decide to set up a Virtual Private Network. A VPN is a secure private network built on unsecured public networks as carriers. VPNs use the IPSec protocol suite in order to provide the capability of building secure network within the context of larger, unsecured public IP networks such as the Internet. Users of the secure VPN may use their network as though it were a perfectly secure, isolated LAN, even though it is physically directly connected to unsecured public networks. The main goal of the seminar is to outline the basic concepts of cryptography to understand the deployment of a PKI and a VPN as infrastractures to provide security services at network layer. The project for the mobile operator Omnitel is showed as case study. The Omnitel VPN, projected by CryptoNet in 1999, was the first largest VPN in the world based on this technology. The project idea was to create a star network between Omnitel and its content provider, by using IPSec protocol as secure layer network and public-key certificates as authentication method in a PKI context.


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Founded in 1995, CryptoNet is a pioneer in the information security business in Italy. CryptoNet provides a wide range of security solutions that sweep from the project and the implementation of PKI, secure VPNs based on the IPSec protocol, digital signatures and network security certification. CryptoNet solutions are comprehensive and integrated for simplicity and customization. CryptoNet focuses on financial services, manufacturing, telecommunications and government institutions in Italy. CryptoNet is privately held and based in Milan with an office in Rome. For more information, visit the CryptoNet Web site at, or call +39.02.29060916.



Mirko Tedaldi was born in Meldola (FO) in 1974. He got his laurea degree in Computer Science Engineering at the University of Bologna in June 1999 with a thesis about information security technologies (a PKI pilot to sign examination documents digitally.) He has been working for the CryptoNet since October 1999 and he was involved in two big projects of IPSec VPNs for Omnitel S.p.A. and RUPA (Rete Unitaria per la Pubblica Amministrazione). Moreover, as consultant of Reggio Emilia Municipality, he was a member of the European S2 Sprite GUIDeS project, whose main aim has been to improve emerging practices in the setting up of certification services, particularly within the public sector, by providing Guidelines to set up a CA for digital signatures. At present, he is involved in projects about PKIs, VPNs, PMIs, web authentication and authorization as a security engineer of CryptoNet.


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