SOMA Download Page

The SOMA system is implemented in Java and its source code can be freely downloaded from our CVS repository. However, since the SOMA programming environment has been developed in collaboration with external academic/industrial partners, we cannot give anonymous access to everyone.
Therefore, if you are interested in downloading SOMA please contact us, specifying your name, your affiliation and the full source code you are interested in, and we will provide you a password to access our CVS repository and to get a copy of the SOMA source only for educational purposes and non-commercial use.


Instructions to access our CVS repository

Here there are the information needed to access the CVS repository:

Host name:
Repository: /space/public/

Username: anonymous
Password: to obtain the source code we ask you to send us an email, with the information required above.


We maintain different versions of the SOMA platform, each version tailored for a particular application domain/deployment scenario. In the following we report the various versions.

SOMA Releases

SOMA Base Platform Release

SOMA-based Multimedia Middleware (MUM) Release



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