SOMA: Secure and Open Mobile Agent

These pages are dedicated to the Secure and Open Mobile Agent (SOMA) System developed in the framework of the project MOSAICO (Design Methodologies and Tools of High Performance Systems for Distributed Applications) funded by the Ministero dell’UniversitÓ e della Ricerca Scientifica e Tecnologica (MURST).

We have developed a Java-based Mobile Agent framework capable of answering the requirements of scalability, dynamicity, openness and security that are typical in the Internet scenario.

It has been designed to achieve two main objectives: security and interoperability. On the one hand, SOMA is based on a thorough security model and provides a wide range of tools and mechanisms to build and enforce flexible security policies. On the other hand, SOMA can interoperate with different application components designed with different programming styles; it grants interoperability by closely considering compliance with CORBA and MASIF. In addition to its security and interoperability features, SOMA provides the location abstractions needed for achieving scalability in a global scenario, and is dynamically configurable and manageable, also via Web-based interfaces.

Moreover, on the basis of the basic services provided by the SOMA framework, we have designed and implemented three additional services (mobility services) to fully support all forms of mobility:

SOMA has been already used as a platform to develop several applications in the areas of network, systems and service management, active information retrieval, and multimedia distribution.

For a more detailed description:

SOMA Interoperability
SOMA Security
SOMA Mobility Support
SOMA-based Applications


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