Research Activity

I am an associate professor in Computer Engineering at DEIS (Dipartimento di Elettronica Informatica e Sistemistica) at the University of Bologna.

I work in the field of Distributed Systems and Computer Networks.

My current research activity is mainly focused on (download my short CV):

Middleware for Mobile Computing
Network, Systems and Service Management in Distributed Heterogeneous Systems

x Internet Architectures and Mobile Agents (see the SOMA Home Page) QoS Tailoring and Adaptation for Ubiquitous Multimedia Services (ubiQoS)
Middleware for Context-dependent Discovery and Semantic-based Policies (MIDAS and SAMOA)
x Middleware for Always Best Served Connectivity Management in Multi-hop Heterogeneous Wireless Networks (MMHC)
Middleware for Lightweight Replication in dense MANET (REDMAN)
Middleware for Urban Monitoring in Vehicular Sensor Networks (MobEyes)

Here I took my Ph.D. in Computer Science Engineering in March 2001 with a thesis entitled "Mobile Agent Models and Technologies for Distributed Coordinated Applications in Global Systems".

For a continuously up-to-date overview of the research projects I am involved in, please refer to Paolo Bellavista's projects within the Mobile Middleware research group.

Editorial Boards and Reviewing Activities:

I am in the Editorial Board of the IEEE Communications Magazine, of the IEEE Transactions on Service Computing, of the Elsevier Journal of Software Architecture (Embedded Software Design, and of the Springer Journal of Network and Systems Management. In addition, I am currently serving as a regular reviewer for:



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