Rosy Barruffi

Rosy Barruffi
DEIS - University of Bologna 
Viale Risorgimento, 2 
40136 - Bologna, ITALY 
Tel: +39 051 209 3086 
Fax: +39 051 209 3073 

Who I am 


Who I am
I am a Ph.D. student at the University of Bologna, working in the Artificial Intelligence group of the Faculty of Engineering. My research activity is mainly focused on Automatic Planning and Constraint Satisfaction Techniques. Other areas of interest are Computer Network Security Management, particularly Policy definition and enforcement and Model language definition. 


Biographic Notes
  I got my laurea degree in Computer Science Engineering at the University of Bologna (Italy), in December 1995. 

After my graduation, I spent a year working in the System Management Department (SMD) of the  Laboratories of Bristol (UK), as a temporary employee. 

Then, I have been awarded a ten-month grant by Hewlett Packard Italy in order to start up a collaboration, between the University of Bologna  and the HP Labs of Bristol, for a research project on Artificial Intelligence (AI) solutions applied to Computer Network System Management. 

Since November 1997, I am a Ph.D student within DEIS, the Department of Electronics, Computer Science and Systems of the University of Bologna. I am currently working on the above mentioned research project supported by the HP's  External Research Programme (ERP) whose goal is to support pioneering research with academic patners. Part of my Ph.D has been spent at Hewlett Packard Laboratories of Bristol. 
Further information on my background can be found in Rosy's CV 


Research Activity
    1997 - 1999  AI Group - DEIS - University of Bologna - Italy 
    My main activity has been to design and develop an AI-based Automatic Planner (called PlanNet) that is able to deal with incomplete and dynamic knowledge. PlanNet is based on an extension of Constraint Satisfaction Techniques  - one of the research topic carried out by the Artificial Intelligence Group at the University of Bologna. The main application of PlanNet is the configuration management of computer systems. Further information can be found in PlanNet web page. 

    During my Ph.D I spent some periods at HP Labs in Bristol (UK) aimed at: 

    • acquire domain knowledge and understand which configuration tasks can benefit from the application of planning tecniques, 
    • carry out some experimentations for PlanNet, 
    • integrate PlanNet into a framework for diagnosis,  as a repair suggestion module. 
    The security management field appears to be particularly suitable for the application of planning techniques. 
    Part of my Ph.D is being spent in integrating PlanNet in an Intrusion Detection System, as response module. 

    Some papers published on the above subjects are available on Papers from LIA page. 

    1996   HP Labs - Bristol  
    I joined the System Management Department of Networks and Communications Laboratory at Hewlett-Packard Laboratories in Bristol (HPLB) on March 4, 1996.  Neptune project in SMD had the goal of "developing technologies which enable the efficient and painless construction of models for integrated system management tools"; so that a user who is unfamiliar with the management system can easily and quickly build the models of applications and system to be managed. My main activity in the project was to understand and refine the requirements for an HPUX model authoring environment such as the proper level of  automation to be provided. I put these ideas to work by designing and developing a suite of tools running on the model authoring environment itself. The most relevant consists in a rule generator form for commands that simply ask for the command (Unix or Nt commands) the model writer wants to run and return a string with the commands output. Then this tool, called PARSING WIZARD, parses the result strings returned. The language used for the implementation is Java. 


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